About the Tour

Blimp Spotting Tips

-Watch for large, blimp-like objects

-Do not throw darts at the blimp

-Ignore planes, birds, and hot-air balloonists

About the Blimp

In a nod to the brand's aerial heritage, Hangar One distillers will crisscross the country in their newly commissioned 120' long blimp, bringing infusions of new fresh fruit flavors to fans nationwide. With a fully functioning vintage Hangar One airstream and a 15 person crew, the blimp will begin its journey in Miami, covering the East Coast before heading through the middle of the country and up the West Coast, ending up in Alameda, CA at the end of November.

Did You Know?

You could fit the contents of 256,739 bottles of Hangar One Vodka inside the Hangar One Blimp. (68,000 cu ft.)

There are less than 20 airships flying throughout the world today.

Airships have the best safety record of any type of aircraft.

More people are qualified to land the Space Shuttle than are qualified to land a blimp.

The Hangar One Blimp could be refueled 10 times with the amount of fuel used by a 747 Jumbo Jet during its taxi to the end of the runway for takeoff!

The pilot communicates with the ground crew with hand signals, using the radio only for backup. Blimps were built before the radio, and hand signals have been handed down from generation to generation of blimp crews.

The blimp will always launch and land with its nose pointed into the wind.

Non-rigid airships, or "Blimps", are members of the Lighter than Air family of aircraft, which includes balloons as well as German Zeppelins. Blimps have no structure of any kind within the envelope, only helium and air.

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