Landing Cocktail Contest: Columbus - Bay City Blossom

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Jordan  Conkey
Jordan Conkey

Bay City Blossom

1 1/2; oz Hangar One Mandarin Blossom
1/2 oz Hangar One Straight
1/2 oz gingerale
1 oz Elder Tea (see below)
1/2 oz sour mix
1/2 oz lemonade
Hibuscus ice cubes (see below)
Tessora Air (see below)

Elder Tea
18 oz cold-steeped earl gray black tea
2oz st. germain elderflower liqueur
3tsp confectioners suger

Hibiscus cubes
5 to 6 tsp of powdered hibiscus into silicone mold topped off with small amount of water. Freeze for 60 minutes or more.

Tessora Air
6oz water
3oz Tessora Lemone
2 grams soy lectin
In flat bottom container mix all three together and lather with hand blender into foam

Place hibiscus ice cube in martini glass with 1/2oz gingerale. Combine vodkas, elder tea, lemonade and sour in shaker and chill. Strain into martini glass and top with Tessora air. Garnish with gold flakes for presentation!

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